Slim & Trim

BIOSLIMMING is the revolutionary body treatment from Provence Cosmetics, effective at producing visible long lasting results from the first treatment.

How Does Bioslimming Work?
Bioslimming is a unique formula which combines 4 different products creams/gels. Each product is packed full of plant extracts, pure essential oils, algae extracts, caffeine and thermo agents both hot & cold. The ingredients have been scientifically proven to act on toning, firming,cellulite and fat.
It targets cellulite, fat, helps burn calories, helps to slim, firm and tone producing fabulous visible long lasting results from first treatment.

Unique professional products available, it is packed full of essential oils, plant and algae extracts, caffeine resulting in a wide range of additional therapeutic benefits which includes improving the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins & stretch marks and is proven to have an impact on collagen structure and connective tissue to name but a few.

Bioslimming uniquely uses both hot and cold thermo agents and the resulting heat and active ingredients stimulates the draw of fluid into the capillaries and the absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat causes the “orange peel” appearance to disappear.
The thermo agents helps to stimulate fat burning therefore helps reducing adipose tissue and they also stimulate the lymphatic system.

How Does It Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite?
The Benefits of the High Concentration of Caffeine
When Caffeine, is applied to the affected areas it increases the metabolism, helps increase blood flow and facilitates the swift burning of fat in the adjoining areas. Caffeine also plays a part in the fat burning process itself, this action is reinforced when combines with lavender essential oil , bladderwrack (algae) and ivy extracts. 

High Concentration Of Active Ingredients For Micro-circulation Below The Surface
Cellulite reduction and toning requires also an increase in micro-circulation below the surface of the skin which in turn leads to restoring the health of the connective tissue (reducing the pulling down) and decreasing the fluid retention and shrinking the fat cells (reducing the pushing up). When applied and massaged into the skin a mixt of active ingredients such as cedarwood, eucalyptus , rosemary essential oils and horse chestnut extract will help to target the micro-circulation and increase lymphatic drainage (excess fluid) and help shrink fat cells. Those key ingredients are very important because cellulite generally accumulates in areas with poor circulation and they help soften and break down cellulite through increased circulation and by reducing water retention.

Are Bioslimming Actives’ Clinically Tested And Safe?
Our products have been clinically tested and ingredients have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by toxicology center, physicians and pharmacists.

98% of women saw dramatic improvement of “orange peel” skin with a reduction of the appearance of cellulite in just two weeks. 100% of women observed a decrease of 1 to 4 cm around their waist.