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IPL Photo Facials are safe and effective way to reduce facial redness and flushing, rosacea as well as the visible signs of sun damage and aging. This treatment can be done on your face, neck, chest, or any part of your body. We perform treatments on men and women of all ages. PhotoFacial Treatments were developed and first introduced by Board-certified dermatologist, Patrick Bitter Jr. MD as a non invasive method of photorejuvenation to improve the appearance of the skin with no downtime. Photo Facial (IPL) is now the gold standard of non-ablative skin treatments.


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During an IPL or a photo rejuvenation procedure, the light energy of the laser will gently heat up the first layers of your skin: epidermis and dermis. In addition the IPL energy will target and eliminate many of the superficial vessels that cause redness and the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented, sun damage lesions.

4 reviews for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Facials

  1. S.S.

    “I just had a 3rd treatment with Lynette and as always she is very interested in providing just the right care and treatment needed. Thank you for being so great!!!”

  2. M.C.

    “Amazing! I had my 2nd photo facial done and I love the results. The process is practically painless and done in less than an hour. Lynette is fabulous and is great to talk to during the treatment. I will definitely continue to see her.”

  3. M.B.

    “Laser treatment- The first time worked! I will be going back for more… this is a great fix for age spots. Lynette is an expert in skin care.”

  4. Merie

    I got my 1st Photofacial today and was a little nervous but Lynette walked me through it and made me feel very comfortable! I just love her! She’s very informative and knowledgeable! She’s amazing! I’m excited to get my 2nd Photofacial done by her again! Thanks Lynette!

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