Beautiful Cold Weather Care

Does your skin feel tight? Is there a dullness or even rough feeling to it in the winter? How do you “switch up” your skin care regime’ when the thermostat drops? Please do not wait until it’s damage control. A lot of these” issue in the tissues” can be resolved quickly and easily via technological and ancient techniques. Below is an example of what more and more consumers are experiencing:

“Sometimes it’s not about what’s IN your beauty products it is about what ISN”T—and this seems to be especially true of  skin care. Keen  interest in ultra-gentle skin care is consistent with an overall shift toward more products positioned as gentle or appropriate for sensitive skin. 71% of facial skin care users say they are interested in ultra-gentle products.

While facial skin care products have typically highlighted the addition of ingredients such as vitamins and botanicals, the category appears to be moving toward highlighting what’s not in the formula—fragrance, dyes, paraben free, etc…This move toward gentle skin care is a reflection of consumers’ desire for performance combined with increased concern and awareness regarding what is being put on their skin.”


Please read your labels BEFORE you put products on your tissue as some ingredients can actually be toxic if you are not careful. We always say to go to the EWG’s (environmental working group) website SKIN DEEP if you are not sure of ingredients.


Cold weather can damage and contribute greatly to skin aging. Think of that cold winter SNAP! Cold dry weather strips the skin of moisture making it fragile and dehydrated.  Dehydration  exposes the skin and can make it more vulnerable to various inflammatory disorders. Dehydration and inflammation are two main triggers in skin aging.


Drinking LOTS of water at room temperature (AT LEAST 10-12 GLASSES PER DAY) and using a humidifier are necessary effective practices that ward off some of the damages of cold dry weather. The appropriate practices and topical treatments of a reliable skin care regime are par for the course. We recommend very gentle cleansers free of harsh ingredients and rinsing the skin, when needed, with water at room temperature. (NOT HOT WATER) Soap-less cleansers work wonders. Think cleansing waters. Topical treatments help to infuse the skin with moisture, seal it in, and recreate the balance needed for the skin to find its resiliency and radiance. Think GLOW. Hyaluronic acid is a key component as well as simple oils such as coconut and olive. Apply with wet hands to give your beautiful skin that extra “cush”. 


We go to our reliable PHYSICAL BLOCK sun protection. This means TITANIUM DIOXIDE and ZINC OXIDE. No chemicals. Not only is easier on your internal cleansing organs it also helps to keep your physiology COOL by reflecting and refracting the rays from the sun that can turn you into a raisin FAST.


Please remember to honor and protect your precious eyes and lips. Seal the deal if you will with high quality bees wax and pharmaceutical botanicals. GOOD FOR YOU ingredients that do not compromise your well being. Our ancestors really did know what they were doing when they would prepare for the long winters by storing fats and oils from their farming practices. You can now do the same with the convenience of prefabbed avocado oils,evening primrose,glycerin and shea and nut butters that are available that are ready to go. Sunglasses are a key component as well. We recommend WRAP AROUND sunglasses.


Continue with exercise that will flush lymph system and trigger metabolism.