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With over 30 years of expertise helping people achieve healthy, beautiful skin. You will feel and see the difference.


“My skin looks absolutely amazing. Lynette Is truly gifted. She imparts lots of education so that after your skin treatment or procedure you can care for your skin and have that same glow long after you leave her salon. She is expertise at looking at your skin and knowing exactly what your skin needs. She also is great at working with a wide variety of budgets. It would be an incomplete review… if I did not include that she is a highly energetic beautiful compassionate caring positive person. She is so empowering!!”


“I have continued to see Lynnette at Laser 528 since my initial review. I continue IPL treatments but have added Microneedling on a regular basis. Wow. The results are fantastic. Lynnette continues to keep current on the best skin care treatments and provide what is most effective for your skin care needs. I continually receive complements on my 66 year old skin. Lynnette offers top of the line services with reasonable prices and I look forward to continuing my treatments.”


“I have had the photo facial 4 tines now- over an 18 month period.

It took the second time to really see results, but see them I did!
Third time it all but erased a huge sunspot right on my cheek.

I feel like a jerk, because I can’t remember the aestheticians name; it’s a little different. She’s so awesome though, and I hope she forgives me!

She always sends me home with goodies, and last time I got Retin A pads. What they do is neatly erase the small lip lines on my top lip!
I was going to get injections- don’t need it now.
She’s honest, and I take what she tells me- and do it!

You’ll save a ton of money, and be happy happy.

In fact, my friend from California FLYS out to go with me to have her treatments.
It’s cheaper than in CA- WITH the flight !

That’s 5 stars right there…”

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment

Intense Light Pulse Treatment

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